Low carbon consultancy and advice

The way business operates in the UK is changing as consumers want to know the environmental impacts of the goods and services they purchase. The Google report Sustainability and the UK Consumer: What Brands Need to Know found that: ‘Consumer attitudes and behaviour are increasingly moving towards sustainable lifestyles -a trend that accelerated in 2020.’ The report also found that 72% of consumers say that having a brand’s values reflect their own beliefs is a deciding factor in what they buy.

The UK will be a net zero economy in 2050 after the UK Government made this a legal requirement. Businesses will find the Government will require an ever-increasing number of changes to the way they are required to operate in this net zero economy.

I provide consultancy and advice to business and the public sector to enable you to embrace the changes that are coming. This will enable you to take advantage of this interest in sustainable development. Areas I can help you with includes problem solving and carrying out research on specific topics. Areas I specialise in include sustainable development, the low carbon economy and skills development.

Strategy and action plan development

I work with business and the public sector to develop strategy and action plans to bring about change. For example: the restructuring of an organisation, a change of focus or a long-term plan to become sustainable to take advantage of the growing low carbon economy.

Progress & impact review

The key to the success of any change is to review progress regularly to ensure it is delivering the outcomes required. I can provide an independent analysis of progress, collating evidence to check on progress. I will also recommend any revisions to the strategy to ensure outcomes are achieved.  

Bespoke research projects and low carbon consultancy

Often business do not have the time or the people to investigate an area in depth. I can produce an evidence-based analysis of an issue suggesting recommendations based on the evidence. I have a long track record of researching topics and issues for businesses, organisations, and government departments.

I will work with you to agree the scope of the research and the questions you require answering. A draft report will be produced for discussion and comment, noting any further areas to be covered, these will be incorporated into the final report.