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Environmental change management

I help businesses and organisations make the change to become a low carbon and sustainable business. To take advantage of the changes in consumer attitudes that puts the environmental impact of goods and services they buy at the heart of their purchasing decisions.

This journey to achieving sustainability, and reducing their environmental impact, is different for every business. I will work with you to design specific goals to reduce your environmental footprint, agree a suitable time frame for implementation, and an environmental change management plan to achieve them.

Strategy implementation

I help senior management teams develop and implement strategy across their business or organisations. I act as an impartial voice and an extra pair of hands to help you achieve the change successfully.

Culture change and new ways of working

The completion of a successful journey to becoming a low carbon sustainable business (or the implementation of any change) is only achieved by the people working in it. Often plans do not meet their full potential because the team do not understand the vision and how important it is to achieve it. To really transform and change any business or organisation requires putting in place ‘cultural habits’ to embed sustainable ways of working in every team.

I will work with you to ensure your team can put in place the new ways of working to deliver effective change.