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Paul Beers Innovations - Helping your business to grow sustainably

Growing your business sustainably

As the world works together to tackle the climate emergency, businesses will be required to demonstrate how they are contributing to this global effort. This will mean producing products and delivering services in a way that limits or eliminates harm to the environment. The UK has a legal commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, achieving a net zero carbon status by 2050. All of us, including businesses, will have to do things differently in the near future because of this. By committing to follow sustainable principles in your business you will profit from the expanding customer demand for sustainable products, and a likely increase in your market share.

What is sustainable development?

One of the recognised definitions of sustainable development is:

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

In practice this means moving from the historical linear business model of take-make-waste to a circular model of borrow-use-return. Most companies find that moving from a linear to a circular business model leads to cost savings and an increase in the bottom line. Working sustainably is not only good for the environment it usually has financial benefits as well.

How I can help your business

I can help you to continue to trade profitably whilst reducing your environmental impact.

I will work with you to develop a plan for your business or organisation to define what a low carbon, environmentally sustainable business means to you, work with you to develop a plan and help you achieve it.

I offer three broad categories of sustainable business services:

More information can be found by clicking through to my services page.

Main areas of help I can offer business are:

  • Development of sustainable skills
  • Work with companies/organisations to generate a sustainable development/low carbon strategy
  • Individual and team development
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring
  • Bespoke research projects
  • Working with companies/organisations to move to a sustainable development culture

Why is sustainable development something that business needs?

  • Customers are increasingly looking to spend money with companies that are working to combat climate change and are ‘green’ in their approach.
  • Young customers in particular have a distinctive environmental ethos to decisions on purchasing.
  • Skilled workers want to join companies with a ‘social conscience’ that are socially responsible.
  • The UK has a shortage of skills and companies who wish to recruit the best people will find that they have a choice of where to work and will look to a company’s carbon policies to decide where to work.

Sustainable development initiative

Destination zero at Jaguar Land Rover is a sustainable development initiative to contribute to a world with zero emissions, zero accidents and zero carbon. It aims to create healthier more sustainable and safe societies reflecting the changing customer demand and environment Jaguar Land Rover operates in.

The Destination Zero project is an example of how a company has integrated its sustainable working practices into its product development. It involves removing greenhouse gases from production processes (zero emissions), development of new safer technology (zero accidents) and reducing the environmental carbon footprint of the business (Zero Carbon). Destination zero, therefore, aims to integrate sustainable ways of working into any future growth of the business.